Tax returns

Taking away the stress and anxiety of Self Assessment Tax Returns.

That feeling when the letter from HMRC requesting you to complete a self assessment tax return lands on your doorstep.  It can be a time consuming and complicated process, often leaving you in a sense of panic and worry that you have not gathered all of the information and filled it in properly, let alone on time.

What we do for you.

An annual self assessment tax return is used to tell HMRC how much tax and National Insurance you need to pay.


Our services include:

Set everything up for you with the HMRC.
We will calculate your tax so you know in advance what you will need to pay.
You will be reassured that you are tax compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.
We keep our clients well informed of any tax changes that might affect them.
You will receive a digital copy of the tax return for your records.

Why choose 2 VAT Ladies.

2 VAT Ladies have the capabilities and resources to take away the pressure and ensure that Sole Traders, Partners and Directors of limited companies are collecting all of the right financial data in time for filing annual tax returns.  The last thing we want you to have are nasty surprises so we make certain that you understand what your tax calculation will be beforehand so that you can financially plan ahead.

I have been using 2 VAT Ladies for a number of years and I wouldn’t run my business without them”

 - Paul, Business Owner -