2 Pay People

Happy staff are ones that are paid on time!

Our dedicated payroll department, 2 Pay People, has been set up to solely concentrate on the task of paying your staff on time.  

We make sure that your payroll system is watertight, employees are paid on time and everything is compliant.

What we do for you.

Using the services of 2 Pay People to manage your payroll means you can concentrate on managing your business.  It also frees up other resources such as HR and the accounts department to work on other tasks that directly supports the growth of the business.

Services include:

  • Processing your payroll data
  • RTI submissions to HMRC
  • Auto enrolment reporting and guidance 
  • Printed or electronic payslips/reports
  • Online payroll processing
  • CIS - tradesman

Why choose 2 Pay People.

One of the worries of running a small business is making your payroll payments on time.  If you are relying on only one person to do this job and they are unable to work for some reason you are potentially left with a problem.

You might have also come across a scenario where there is a query from HMRC about someone’s tax or NI payments and you don’t have the time to go back through lengthy paperwork and systems to try to work out what has happened

The solution is to work with 2 Pay People where you will be reassured that all payments and necessary management of your payroll system will be well looked after.  There is a qualified payroll team backing you up, always there for you and working with you to ensure that their expertise is transferred into your business.  We will also deal with the HMRC on your behalf, which is no doubt a huge weight off your shoulders.

I have been using 2 VAT Ladies for a number of years and I wouldn’t run my business without them”

 - Paul, Business Owner -